TwinFlower Studio Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is a holiday that celebrates love and relationships, but there's also a lot of pressure to pick the right thing to gift to your sweetheart. We've created a list of our top picks for Valentine's Day to make this decision easier!

1. For the Refined Romantic:

Our Romantique Arrangement is a luxe combination of unique tropical flowers and timeless lush red roses. Carefully arranged in a brushed gold pedestal vase, these blooms will be sure to make an impact on your partner's heart.


2. For the Flower Obsessed:

What's better than one bouquet? Multiple bouquets delivered throughout the year! Purchase a Flower Subscription for your Valentine to give the gift that keeps on giving! Select your first delivery to be on Valentine's Day and surprise them with a continuous floral order at the frequency of your choosing 

3. For the Classic One:

What's more timeless than a classic rose? There's a reason they're so popular at Valentine's Day - they're the international symbol of love and adoration. Our Classique Bouquet will be the perfect gift - a dozen long stem roses arranged with luxe greenery and dainty accent flowers. True love in flower form!


4. For the Unconventional Valentine:

Not everyone is a fan of roses, or the colour red, and for those who like to keep things different, our Fleur Arrangement is the perfect pick. With a dreamy, wildflower vibe, this arrangement feels fresh and gardeny without being overly romantic or "Valentinesy". 

5. For the Artistic Soul:

Floral Design is an art form, and for those who love to colour outside the lines, our Trésor Arrangement will surely appeal. Unique colours and a stylized design instantly cause a double take. We love that it incorporates purple tones - a highly prized pigment amongst royalty. Ooh La La! 

6. For the Foodie:

If you haven't tried them already, Kin + Pod chocolates are simply the best. Made in small batches in Vernon, BC, these chocolates are award-winning delicacies. We're always obsessed with their Sponge Toffee, but for a little extra fun, the Hazelnut Chocolate Lollies are a sweet treat!

7. For the Dreamer:

While it might seem cliche to give jewelry at Valentine's Day, when it's locally made and as dainty as the Eloise Hoops from Haiku Lane Jewelry, we say DO IT. These whimsical hoop earrings have beautifully detailed butterflies on them, making them the perfect gift for the person who loves daydreaming while planning their next adventure.

8. For the Plant Mama:

We carry a variety of indoor houseplants, plant pots, and plant accessories. Our top pick this Valentine's Day is a Thai Constellation Monstera. These rare plants have natural white variations on their leaves, and as they mature, the leaves develop the large fenestrations (splits) that Monsteras are known for. You could say it's written in the stars with this one! 


As always, our team is more than happy to offer assistance to help you select the perfect flowers and gifts this Valentine's Day. 

For inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at 587-982-8882.

Much love,


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