Hi! I'm Nicola, the owner and creative mind behind TwinFlower Studio.

I launched my business in September 2020, a year of uncertainty and unpredictable outcomes. I felt that the perfect time to start was right then and there! 

Where does the name "TwinFlower" come from? My sister's name is Linnea, derived from the Latin "linnaea borealis", the twinflower plant. It's a small wildflower, native to North America with two bell shaped flowers. I love the duality of the twinflower - it reminds me of the duality of humans and Nature. As stewards of the land we are on, I enjoy working with Nature - my business is rooted in sustainable floristry and I'm always seeking new ways to reduce my impact on my environment.

I've been following my career path of floral design & business for over fifteen years. My passion lies in working with seasonal product in unexpected ways to create one-of-a-kind designs. Weddings and events bring me a lot of joy - from the initial planning stage to the final installation, I love bringing events to life with flowers! Flowers add such a wondrous element to any event and I believe they are always the perfect finishing touch.

Thank you for supporting my small business and making the decision to shop local. I can't wait to see what we can create together



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