Hi! I'm Nicola, the owner and creative mind behind TwinFlower Studio

I officially launched my business in September 2020, a year of uncertainty and unpredictable outcomes. I had been waiting for the perfect moment to start and it finally dawned on me that there's no time like the present!

My business name, TwinFlower Studio stems from my sister name (Linnea) which comes from the Latin "Linnaea borealis", meaning twinflower. I've always envisioned a studio-space, nothing too glamorous, nothing too perfect or formal. My business is meant to be experienced, shared, and loved. It's a blend of nature & humanity, combining the beauty of nature with the creativity of people.

I've been following my career path of floral design & business for over twelve years. My passion lies in working with seasonal product in unexpected ways to create one-of-a-kind designs, teaching Floral Design classes & workshops, and connecting people through the medium of flowers.  I love the feeling when events come together - flowers add such a wondrous element and I believe they are always the perfect finishing touch.

I'm incredibly grateful for you, the person reading this. Thank you for supporting my small business and making the decision to shop local. I can't wait to see what we can create together



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