Post-Valentine's Day Gratitude

It's been less than a week since Valentine's Day and I'm sitting at home on my couch feeling happy and exhausted. The adrenaline rush of a busy holiday and physical labour involved when designing hundreds of bouquets and arrangements have taken their toll and my body is still recovering!

This Valentine's Day was entirely different for me as it was the first Valentine's at our new retail space. I pulled out every last ounce of wisdom and experience I possess to ensure things would run as smoothly as possible, and while there were some stressful moments, I'm happy to report that this holiday was success! I'm humbled by the hard moments, yet feel incredibly proud of myself - I have known for a long time that this was my destined career path and I'm honoured to be pursuing it successfully!

I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who pre-booked their flowers, placed an order through our website, called us at the Studio, or who dropped by in person to shop. Supporting local businesses is something that I absolutely adore, and I am incredibly grateful to all of you who chose to support mine this Valentine's Day. When I founded TwinFlower Studio, I wanted to create a space where people can connect through a shared love of flowers. I have felt that love since Day One, and truly felt that love this Valentine's Day.

I also want to give my family shout out. As a solo-preneur, the support of my family has been an immense source of happiness, love, compassion, and freedom. I wouldn't have been able to take time away from the Studio, make appointments, or keep a sane state of mind if my parents and sister didn't step in to assist with product pick ups, deliveries, shop upkeep, and more. 

I'm excited to begin the slow shift from Winter to Spring. Warmer weather is coming and spring flowers are already on the market. With St Patrick's Day around the corner, expect to see shamrocks arriving at the Studio, and with Easter following up shortly after, tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and more will be in abundance!

Today, on Family Day, the Studio was closed. Spending time with my loved ones, and giving myself a day off are crucial elements in my work-life balance. I'm sure that those of you who run businesses or have busy schedules understand the importance of rest and taking time for oneself! I was able to spend time with family, outside in Nature, and finally got that mountain of laundry tackled...

I hope you had the chance to spend time with family or friends this long weekend, and found some time to do the things you enjoy! I'm feeling refreshed and am looking forward to a new week with new possibilities ahead!

With gratitude,


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